The terra cotta and bronze sculptures of Mireille Lemarchand present the female nude in classic terms, full figured and sensual and intact. Lemarchand celebrates an earthy, natural
female beauty that seems refreshingly wholesome in an era of anorexic supermodels. But even more significant aesthetically is the way her sculptures command space with their solid forms and graceful contours”.

Michelle Ross, Gallery and Studio, New York City

“Lemarchand’s figurative terra cotta and bronze works, often female, are striking in their emotive and sculptural content”.
Greenwich Time, The Arts

“The female form in bronze and terra cotta by Mireille Lemarchand, embody superb emotive skills and technical prowess”.
Alexandra Shaw, Manhattan Arts International

Curl, “ another bronze nude by Mireille Lemarchand is contrastingly voluptuous and craggy of surface, as she balances on her back like a cat, embracing her raised knees with one arm, cradling her head with the other, appearing to herself to sleep in a near fetal reverie if languorous self- containment.”

J. Sanders Eaton, Gallery and Studio, New York.